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The story of the Seventh bride of the President revolves around the life of the only son to some rich parents in a city. His last six marriages have ended in failures due to one reason or another. His mother is of the view that arranged marriages have ended up in disappointment for their son and the family.

So she decides to change the strategy to make the selection of the next and final bride of their son. So they decided to invite all the single ladies in their city with a certain surname.

This idea has been put into the ear of the rich mother by a Monk who believes that the next divorces could be prevented only if the son marries a lady with a certain surname.

The successful lady will be awarded a prize of up to 18 million. As this news is broadcasted on the television the young Yasmine Taylor listens to it while preparing a meal in the kitchen.

While she is listening to the news as a bystander to the life happenings of a rich family. Her own family meanwhile has something else on their minds.

Her father’s company is going through a troubled time. So her parents want her to marry the rich man who has six failed marriages to flaunt. She cannot believe she is being made a scapegoat once again for the family benefit which has not owned her as their child so far.

They are aware of the violent past of this enigmatic rich man. But they are sure that their daughter will have to put up with him for a couple of months only. After that, her marriage will end in divorces just as has happened to his ex-wives. How could it be different this time?

Though Yasmine is not ready at all to trail on this path. Yet she agrees in order to please her parents. So what is going to happen when this gorgeous lass goes to the party?

Will she be selected? What is going to happen to her in this next strange life? Learn more about this adventurous life by reading the whole novel of the seventh bride of the President.



The Seventh Bride of President Chapter 1 To 5 PDF

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