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Cardiovascular disease and, specifically, coronary disease is one of the main causes of mortality in developed countries. Coronary disease is understood to be one that causes lesions in the arteries that nourish the heart (coronary arteries) […]

Cardiovascular Disease

The cardiovascular disease and in particular coronary heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in developed countries . Coronary disease is understood to be one that causes lesions in the arteries that nourish the heart (coronary arteries) and that manifests itself in the form of myocardial infarction or angina pectoris .


Cardiovascular diseases are, ahead of breast cancer, the leading cause of death among the Spanish female population.

Estrogens protect women from the onset of cardiovascular diseases until postmenopause.

The risk factors are similar in men and women (tobacco, sedentary lifestyle, dyslipidemia, diabetes, hypertension and overweight), but there are others linked to it (estrogens, breast cancer, hypertension in pregnancy).

Cardiovascular diseases have different incidence, evolution and prognosis in the population depending on sex. Mortality from cardiovascular disease in European women under 75 years of age is around 40% compared to 38% for men of the same age. The prevalence of coronary heart disease in women is not exactly known, as there are no comprehensive epidemiological data. This is because the large studies carried out on this pathology have been carried out in the male population. What we do know is that cardiovascular diseases are, ahead of breast cancer , the leading cause of death among the Spanish female population.

More protected?

According to a recently published study, women are more physiologically protected than men against cardiovascular disease.

The reason is not yet clear, but it appears that it may be due to two possible biological reasons. The first, thanks to female hormones: estrogens protect women from the onset of cardiovascular diseases until postmenopausal. Since then, a series of physical and metabolic changes appear in women that cause an increase in the incidence of classic risk factors (such as hypertension, diabetes, weight gain) and, therefore, increase their risk of suffering some cardiovascular disease.

Second, it has been seen that during pregnancy there are a series of changes in the anatomy and functioning of the heart (due to increased needs) that "train" it and would be responsible for reducing the cardiovascular risk to which they are exposed women. In fact, new drugs made from female hormones are currently being investigated as a possible treatment for heart failure.

Women tend to be older than men when they suffer from cardiovascular disease and this complicates their recovery. After menopause, women have a worse prognosis than men (due to the loss of estrogens), since they no longer receive the natural protection of estrogens and, with this, risk factors multiply.

Symptoms of cardiovascular disease in women

Regarding the difference in the presentation of symptoms, it has been seen that in women there is a lower frequency of appearance of classic chest pain (radiating to the left arm) and when it appears it is usually atypical. In addition, symptoms related to heart failure (such as shortness of breath or dyspnea) are more common.

Cardiovascular risk factors are similar in men and women (smoking, sedentary lifestyle, dyslipidemia, diabetes, hypertension and overweight), although there are some differences with respect to these so-called classic factors. The measures aimed at preventing them, therefore, are similar in both sexes:

Physical activity: sedentary lifestyle is more common in women, men generally practice more sports.

Smoking: in recent years there has been an increase in tobacco in women, compared to the decrease in men, probably linked to social reasons.

Diabetes and overweight: in general, overweight and diabetes are more common in women, especially after 55 years.

Dyslipidemia: from the age of 50, women have higher cholesterol than men.

Hypertension: the prevalence of hypertension is higher in women from 65 years of age.

On the other hand, there are certain risk factors linked to women and that are not present in men:

Estrogens: the loss of estrogens after menopause eliminates the cardio protective capacity.

Breast cancer treatment: some drugs used in its treatment increase the risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease.

Appearance of high blood pressure during pregnancy.

Of interest

FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE, Foundation Pro CNIC, and the Community of Madrid launch the “Women for the heart” campaign, to publicize the preventive measures that prevent the disease in women, its main symptoms, and how to act.

Enter the web and you can download the guide "Take care, heart" in which you can expand all this information and learn to prevent cardiovascular disease and recognize the symptoms of heart attack

The march of El Rubius to Andorra has put the Spanish tax system in the eye of the hurricane. Why are youtubers leaving, are they really paid less taxes in Andorra? And if so, aren't we talking about a tax haven?

How taxes work, in Andorra and in any country in the world

Benjamin Franklin said that "in this world there are only two things for sure: death and paying taxes." All countries have their own tax system , which includes different types of taxes.

Taxes are used to defray state spending and to redistribute the wealth of a country, at least in theory. That is one of the functions of the Personal Income Tax or income statement , for example, where those who earn the most also pay more because the personal income tax tables are progressive.

Along the same lines, the Wealth Tax levies the assets that a person has and is especially focused on the highest assets. But not all taxes work like this.

VAT, for example, is not a progressive type of tax, but a regressive one . The VAT percentage that is paid is the same regardless of the salary you earn or your assets. The only difference in VAT is the type of product on which it is applied. In the most basic it is 4% and in the majority it is 21%.

When it comes to paying more or less taxes, it is common to think of personal income tax. The reality is that the impact of VAT is much greater on your portfolio. If there is a tax that affects your economy, this is VAT. According to the data from the Fiscal Liberation Day report developed by the Civismo think tank, its impact is between 3,100 and 4,400 euros per household depending on the type of family.

And all this without having touched all the taxes directed exclusively to companies, such as Corporation Tax .

However, this is only in Spain. The reality is that taxes change in every country in the world . Not all have the same types of taxes or apply the same rates. There are states that even lack income tax or VAT.

What you should be clear about is that there is a certain correlation between the welfare state paid by the Government and taxes . As a general rule, a lower tax burden usually leads to fewer social benefits. Thus, for example, if you want to have access to healthcare, there are countries where you will need private health insurance.

It is something similar to what happens with pensions , which, however, do not depend on taxes but on your Social Security contributions. The lower the contribution, the lower the public pension as well. The solution, again, is through private savings and creating a plan to supplement the public pension , something that is done in most European countries.

Andorra is not different from other countries in tax terms. Andorrans and residents of Andorra also pay taxes, only these are different and lower than Spaniards.

How much could you save on taxes in Andorra

If youtubers go to Andorra to pay less taxes, which does not seem the only or the main motivation for ElRubius, it will be because tax savings are important. In other words, in Andorra they will pay less taxes. Is it really so

The key to finding out is in the taxes that exist in Andorra and their tax rate. This is a summary of the most important types of taxes in Andorra.

VAT Andorra vs Spain

Personal Income Tax Andorra vs Spain

These income tax tables work progressively and not having it is one of the mistakes when making the income .

For practical purposes, only in personal income tax the difference for income such as those that ElRubius generates in theory, would translate into paying 4.5 times less . Compared to 1.81 million euros in Spain, it will pay 386,800 euros.

And for a person with income closer to the average? The average salary in Spain is 24,009.12 euros and in Androrra no income taxes are paid until it exceeds 24,000 euros. It does not take many calculations to see the difference between just paying any personal income tax and doing it.

Just in case, the following table summarizes how much you would pay in taxes in Andorra based on your salary . The calculation is for a single person under 65 years of age in order to calculate the personal and family minimum.


Income        Taxes in Spain (IRPF) Taxes in Andorra (IRPF)

€ 16,000                € 1,995  € 0

€ 25,000                € 4,057.5              € 50

€ 30,000                € 5,515.5              € 300

€ 35,000                € 7,015.5              550 €

€ 40,000                € 8,515.5              € 800

€ 60,000                € 15,866.5            € 2,800

€ 80,000                € 24,426.5            € 4,800

€ 100,000             € 33,426.5            € 4,800

If you wonder why with € 16,000 you get to return the rent, remember that each month they withhold a part of your payroll as personal income tax withholding.

Now that you know what the real difference is between Spain and Andorra in terms of personal income tax and how much you could save if you also leave, it is easy for two questions to arise . The first, if Andorra is not really a tax haven . The second , if you could pay taxes in Andorra or what conditions must be met to do so.

So, is Andorra a tax haven?

The reality is, no. Andorra is not a tax haven. It is only a country in which few taxes are paid or, rather, less taxes than in Spain, and it is not the only one. In Ireland, for example, the tax burden on companies is also much lower and that does not mean that it is a tax haven, necessarily.


The term tax haven is reserved for countries that meet certain conditions. The most general is that foreign investors with bank accounts or companies in their territory are exempt from paying taxes, not residents of the country, who will have to pay the same as you do in Spain or where you reside.

From there, the OECD establishes a series of specific criteria to define what a tax haven is :

The personal data of investors and shareholders of companies does not appear in the public records and the use of figureheads or formal representatives is allowed.

They keep bank secrecy as a rule, so that bank details are only shared in the case of crimes related to terrorism or drug trafficking, but not for basic tax crimes.

They do not have banking collaboration agreements with other countries.

They do not sign treaties to avoid double taxation.

In general terms, they are not very transparent countries, that do not share fiscal or banking information and where large fortunes tend to receive preferential treatment.

The Tax Agency has its own list of tax havens, just like the European Commission or the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Andorra ceased to be considered a tax haven in 2018 when it began to share the financial information of its residents.

Where you should pay: the risk of changing your country of residence

Could you pay taxes in Andorra? What do you have to pay to pay taxes in Andorra? The quick answer is: change your tax residence.

In other words, go live in Andorra and make this move real . For the Tax Agency, your tax residence is where you actually live most of the year, that is, more than 183 days. This is the first and foremost requirement to define where your tax residence is.

If you can prove that your home is in Andorra and that you live there, you will be able to pay taxes under the rules of the neighboring country and you will do so legally, in addition. The problem comes when these changes are not real. That is where the AEAT remains vigilant and on the lookout, as is logical.

This affects those who, for example, have a house in both countries. According to the agreement between Spain and Andorra, in those cases it will be necessary to pay taxes where the taxpayer's center of economic interests is. For this reason, for example, Moto Gp riders are advised not to have property in Spain and that is why the AEAT also investigated and fined Jorge Lorenzo.

In the case of youtubers, one of the keys would be the origin of their income. That is, if the base of its followers is in Spain or is it more global. Those who depend on our country, have moved just to pay less taxes, have a house in Spain and share their time almost equally between both countries are the ones who have the most options to be investigated.

And in your case? Unless you can go live in Andorra, you will continue to be a Spanish taxpayer and tax resident , with all the good and bad that that implies.

The world has already reached 109 million cases of coronavirus by the middle of this month of February, of which 3.06 million have occurred in Spain .

With these data, provided by organizations such as the WHO , Spain ranks sixth in terms of number of cases . Only the United States, India, Brazil, the United Kingdom and France, all of them countries with more population, are currently ahead.

coronavirus affected

In fact, if we compare these data by cumulative incidence per 100,000 inhabitants, Spain is in second place with 6,640 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. only behind the United States (8,440 cases per 100,000 inhabitants).

A pandemic that arrived in force before in other places

These high figures have opened a whole range of hypotheses about its causes, many of them convergent. Some of them will take time to verify, others will always remain within the probable.

What is unquestionable is that, unlike other areas in the world, Europe in general and Spain in particular, it was the geographical area hardest hit during the months of March and April with the first wave of the pandemic .

This led to a lower degree of knowledge and preparation and thus the mortality rates, not only in Spain, but also in other countries such as Italy were very high.

Thus, despite the virulence of the second or third wave , mortality is not comparable with the first, when the health system was not prepared.

Early coronavirus identification system

For many experts, in addition, one of the problems in Spain has been the deficiencies in early identification systems . If it is compared to how they were used in other countries like South Korea, for example.

Thus, except in some regions, and after the first wave of the pandemic, mass tests have not been widely used.

Meanwhile, in other countries this system helped detect those infected and cut the chains of transmission . With this, the coronavirus was prevented from reaching very vulnerable groups such as the elderly.

Geographical reasons

One of the reasons for its rapid spread is the position of Spain, which, like other European countries, has a large number of international travelers, both for business and leisure reasons.

This allowed that in the initial phase, possibly multiple infections occurred, of different origins, which multiplied until reaching the limit situation that led to strict confinement.

Population density

When a contagious disease like the coronavirus goes from controlled cases to community transmission, its incidence rate multiplies in the most densely populated areas .

Thus, for example, Madrid with a density of 840 inhabitants per km 2 (that of Spain is 94 km 2 ) has been one of the most affected regions of Spain.

It is not a unique case. In Italy, for example, the most affected area has also been Lombardy, where the population density is also one of the highest in the country.

High aging rate

But the pandemic has not only "primed" in highly populated areas. Other provinces, such as Segovia, Soria or Guadalajara, with very low densities have had very high incidences and mortalities per inhabitant.

This seems to be related to two points. The first is the proximity to a focus as important as Madrid, with many inhabitants with second homes. And the one that seems most important, the aging of the population .


A highly aged population has a higher proportion of other pathologies and the impact of the coronavirus is greater. If, in addition, it reaches nursing homes, as has happened, its effect is devastating.

Our way of relating

Finally, the high level of community transmission may also be related to the ways of relating to each other .

As is also the case with Italy, in Spain we tend not only to social gatherings, but also to physical closeness, which also multiplies infections.

In short, although in the coming months and years we will have many studies and analyzes, it seems clear that the confluence of different causes has motivated the important impact that Spain has suffered.

Actress Emma Waston has denied, through her agent, the rumor that she would end her career.

Launched Thursday, February 25 by the tabloid The Daily Mail , the rumor according to which the actress Emma Watson would end her career caused a stir on social networks. According to the British newspaper, the star of the Harry Potter saga, who began to interpret the role of Hermione at the age of 9, has indeed decided to retire from the spotlight to focus on his personal life and move from time with her fiancé, Leo Robinton, with whom she has been in a relationship for a year and a half.

Emma Watson denies the rumor announcing the end of her career

Comments denied by Jason Weinberg, the manager of Emma Watson, in the magazine  Entertainment Weekly . “Emma's social networks are dormant, but not her career,” he said, reassuring the star's millions of fans. Indeed, the actress has not made any publication on Instagram since last June.

"Emma Watson is quitting playing," her agent told  the Daily Mail . The star of the Harry Potter saga, who began to interpret the role of Hermione at the age of 9, is said to have decided to withdraw from the spotlight to focus on his personal life and spend time with her fiancé, Leo Robinton, with whom she has been in a relationship for a year and a half, according to the British newspaper.

The 30-year-old actress was recently spotted with her in Los Angeles. She would have put her film career on hold and would no longer make new commitments, according to her agent. An announcement that provoked many reactions from fans of the actress, on social networks.

Emma Watson is also known for her commitment to women at the UN. She also campaigns for sustainable development and fair trade.

Pupils in zone C (Toulouse and Montpellier) should experience saliva tests in schools from Monday, March 1 to fight against the risks of the virus spreading

A little saliva in a bottle for a result in less than 24 hours. The saliva test campaign begins this Monday, March 1 for students in zone C returning from vacation (Créteil, Montpellier, Paris, Toulouse and Versailles). Validated by the High Authority for Health (HAS) on February 11, these Covid-19 detection tests, 85% reliable, will spread to all primary schools, initially, to counter the epidemic and a possible recrudescence linked to the variants.

saliva tests in schools

We should not expect a massive deployment since several schools in France have still not been provided with equipment. This is in fact a new step in the fight against the virus when the health situation is considered very worrying, especially in the North and the Alpes-Maritimes.

Objective of 200,000 to 300,000 tests per week

The pupils of zone A (Bordeaux, Lyon and Clermont-Ferrand in particular), that is to say 50,000 to 80,000 schoolchildren, should in theory experiment these saliva tests this Monday, February 22, on return from vacation. But in New Aquitaine, for example, "the arrival of these tests is late for 1st degree students," observes Stéphanie Anfray, president of FCPE 33 and national administration. While in the Loire, schoolchildren have already been tested at the start of the week.

A preventive operation in accordance with the wishes of the government, which has always said so that schools remain open. Schools, colleges, high schools and even universities are affected by this detection campaign which should increase crescendo. It aims to allow children to return to class, in complete safety.

The government expects 200,000 to 300,000 saliva tests per week. These tests are not compulsory. They can only be carried out with a written and signed agreement from the parents or legal guardians. Concretely, this Monday morning, the students of the Academy of Toulouse, provided with this authorization can be tested.

The operation consists of spitting out a milliliter of saliva in a bottle, which is immediately sent to a laboratory, within a period of less than five hours maximum, for an analysis return in less than 24 hours. Saliva can also be collected by a small pipette on the tongue. This type of test is considered less restrictive than the nasopharyngeal swab, made unpleasant and sometimes painful by passing the swab through the nose. Clarification from the official website of the public service: the sample "must be carried out thirty minutes after the last intake of drink, food, cigarette (or e-cigarette), brushing of teeth or rinsing mouth -dental ”.

"Not up to the stakes"

The sample, which must be analyzed at the latest within 24 hours in the laboratory. If a test comes back positive, the pupil concerned must be notified before 8 am the next day, so that he does not show up to school. He must then be placed in solitary confinement for a period of 7 days. Furthermore, a screening will be done on this test to look for a possible variant.


“This policy of testing, tracing and isolation is not up to the health challenges, regrets Stéphanie Anfray. We do not yet know which personnel will carry out these tests even if in New Aquitaine, the Region, the National Education and the ARS are piloting these operations. There should be a clear rule about class closures, based on the same principle when a positive Covid case is discovered, whether it is the variant or not. At the FCPE we are in favor of closing a class as soon as there is a proven positive case, variant or not ”.

Twenty departments "under surveillance": what new drastic measures could be taken in these territories?

Confinement on weekends, strict confinement for a limited period, advanced curfew, compulsory teleworking ... What restrictions could be considered by the executive in the territories where the epidemic worries?

Prime Minister Jean Castex unveiled, Thursday, February 25, a list of 20 departments placed "enhanced surveillance" where the Covid-19 is actively circulating. In these areas, the incidence rate is over 250 cases per 100,000 inhabitants and the share of variants represents more than half of new infections.

What measures could the executive put in place in these departments, from March 6 and after consultation with local elected officials, to slow the circulation of the virus?

Twenty departments "under surveillance"

Containment on weekends?

Thursday, Jean Castex reiterated the government's desire to avoid general confinement at the national level, too impacting on the morale of the French: "It is a lever to which we must resort when we cannot do otherwise. do everything to delay it, to give the vaccination time to produce effects. " And the head of government to expose his credo: "Our choice not to confine has a counterpart: to be extremely reactive to the first signs of epidemic recovery."

The government has therefore changed its strategy to fight the epidemic and now favors territorial measures. This is already the case in the Alpes-Maritimes on the Nice coast and in the agglomeration of Dunkirk where weekend containment takes effect from this Friday February 26 at 6 p.m.

Jean Castex specified that he had asked the prefects of the twenty departments under surveillance "to engage in consultations with elected officials in order to consider, in all or part of these territories, braking measures similar to those implemented in Nice and Dunkirk. ". The government will provide an update on any restrictions put in place next week, but containment at the weekend seems to be a measure that holds the line for many of the territories concerned.

Strict but short confinement?

However, the executive does not rule out taking "additional measures", "on a case-by-case basis", without further clarification, in the departments where the virus is actively circulating. In Paris, the town hall wishes to put "several options on the table". Guest of Franceinfo , Emmanuel Grégoire, first deputy at the mayor of Paris, opposed a confinement at the weekend: "We are rather opposed to this measure because it is very restrictive in terms of societal impact and not very effective in terms of health, according to scientists, "he said.

The mayor of Paris will propose a strict confinement of three weeks to the prefect and the regional health agency, in the hope of being able to "reopen everything" at the end of this period of restriction. A measure which "would only make sense on the scale of Ile-de-France," said Emmanuel Grégoire who therefore hopes to establish  "a broad dialogue in the days to come" with the communities concerned.

This Friday morning, Gabriel Attal, government spokesperson, indicated on France Inter that "the proposal of the mayor of Paris will obviously be studied". But he also expressed reservations: "There are quite a few scientists who consider that, with a three-week confinement, we can overcome the virus and open everything, as the elected officials of the mayor of Paris have said."

In the process, Emmanuel Grégoire held a press conference, relayed by BFMTV , during which he did not reiterate his proposal for a confinement of Paris, simply announcing that his team would work on proposals this weekend.

Mandatory teleworking?

Another option defended by the City of Paris, "the use of teleworking in a mandatory way" in business. Already encouraged by the government, it has not yet been imposed. “The trajectory is worrying and undoubtedly requires thinking about additional measures,” said Emmanuel Grégoire. Friday morning, during his press conference, the latter reiterated these arguments, asking for "a strengthening of targeted screening" and therefore again "the compulsory establishment of telework".

An even earlier curfew?

Another measure mentioned for a time to slow the epidemic, the advance of the curfew schedule. Already passed from 8 pm to 6 pm in January, the advancement of the curfew "to 2 or 4 pm" on weekends had notably been mentioned for the Moselle by Patrick Weiten, president of the County Council on February 12. Olivier Véran had however ruled out this option the same day.

Synonymous with congestion in transport and shops, an advance in the curfew could appear counterproductive while the effects of this measure on the circulation of the epidemic are disputed, as in Toulouse, where it worsened it.

As stated in KTZ, the guy violated safety rules when crossing the railway tracks

NUR-SULTAN, 25 Feb - Sputnik . An eighteen-year-old resident of Karaganda, Pavel Zhanzakov, lost both legs after being hit by a train, portal reports .

© Sputnik / Elena Berezhnaya
© Sputnik / Elena Berezhnaya

The accident occurred at 2 am on February 19. Pavel tried to cross the road over the rails on which the train was traveling at that time. As noted in regional publics, the young man is an orphan living with his aunt. And that night he went on a date to the girl. It is noted that he saw moving cars, but slipped and his legs got under the train. At the same time, he was conscious and in a state of shock called his acquaintances, thereby saving his life.

According to the Health Department, the boy's condition is assessed as stable without deterioration. He was transferred to the surgical department.

As the press service of the national railway carrier Kazakstan Temir Zholy JSC explained, the guy was hit by a train of 53 wagons, which were independently rolling off the marshalling hill. The company claims that all movements of the rolling stock are announced over the loudspeaker.

"The cause of the traumatic incident was a gross violation by the victim of the rules for finding citizens in the zone of increased danger of railway transport, crossing the railway tracks in an unidentified place," the KTZh noted.

© Photo:
© Photo:

"Despite the presence of two pedestrian bridges for crossing the railway tracks of the Karaganda-Sortirovochnaya station, a service passage for railway workers, information and warning signs and notices about the high-risk zone, people continue to cross paths in unidentified places, forgetting about personal safety, creating threat to their life and health ", - summed up in KTZh.

Two-year-old child died under train wheels in Shymkent

The boy was with his mother, they tried to climb under the carriages in an unidentified place

ALMATY, 19 Dec - Sputnik. A two-year-old child died under the wheels of a train in Shymkent. The accident occurred during a maneuver to rearrange the cars, reports .

© Sputnik / Timur Batyrshin
© Sputnik / Timur Batyrshin

The child was with his mother - they wanted to climb under the carriages in an unidentified place.

At this moment, the train set off - the child fell under the wheels of the first and second carriages. The injuries turned out to be incompatible with life: the baby died on the way to the hospital.

This fact is under investigation.

Barys's away victory allowed him to retain the sixth line in the KHL Eastern Conference standings


NUR-SULTAN, 26 Feb - Sputnik . In the match against the worst team of the Eastern Conference "Kunlun Red Star" "Barys" won a landslide victory with a score of 3: 0.


© Photo: HC "Barys"
© Photo: HC "Barys"

The starting lineup of Barys has undergone changes again: Matt Frattin, who has just recovered from an injury, missed the match with the Chinese team, and Alikhan Asetov took his place in the first line. In addition, after a break, Samat Daniyar and Valery Orekhov were again included in the squad. Having missed the match with Ak Bars, Roman Starchenko returned to the second link, joining Linus Videll and Anton Sagadeev.


“Barys” created a huge reserve for the victory in the first minutes: in the fourth minute Kirill Panyukov took the game into his own hands, giving a spectacular pass to Darren Ditz, and the captain of “Barys” distinguished himself in the second game in a row - 0: 1. And a couple of minutes after Linus Videll's hit, Anton Sagadeev successfully substituted his club and doubled the score in favor of Barys 0: 2.

In the second period, “Barys” had problems with discipline: the team spent six minutes in the minority, but “Kunlun” never managed to convert the majority. And in the middle of the third period, the guests made the score devastating: Nikita Mikhailis scored his nineteenth goal of the season with a filigree pass from Videll, having realized the majority - 0: 3. “Barys” thus brought the match to victory, keeping Henrik Karlsson's goal intact.

The victory of “Barys” and the defeat of “Torpedo” from “Traktor” in a parallel match ensured the capital's team at least seventh place in the standings of the Eastern Conference. At the moment, Barys scored 69 points and is in sixth place, one point ahead of Avtomobilist.


The last match of the KHL regular season "Barys" will play on the road on February 27 against the Omsk "Avangard".

How much Biden cares about China

According to the website of the US White House, Biden made a slip of the tongue in the opening remarks of the meeting and referred to "US-Canada relations" as "US-China relations."

 According to CNN, on the afternoon of February 23, local time, US President Biden and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau held their first bilateral meeting via video connection.

 Interestingly, Biden made a slip of the tongue in the opening remarks of the meeting, referring to "US-Canada relations" as "US-China relations," and then immediately corrected this mistake.

During the meeting, Biden and Trudeau discussed the common goals of the two countries, including issues such as fighting the new crown epidemic, strengthening economic cooperation, tackling climate change, and expanding military cooperation.

"Washington Post" pointed out that although Biden and Trudeau intend to repair the ally damaged by former US President Trump, the crux of the relationship between the United States and Canada remains.

Highlights 1. Biden referred to "US-Canada relations" as "US-China relations"


On the afternoon of February 23, local time, US President Biden and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau had a "special" meeting.


According to CNN, in the context of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, most Americans are not unfamiliar with the concept of online video conferencing, but because former US President Trump basically ignored the guidelines for maintaining social distancing, even in During the epidemic, the White House also continued to welcome leaders from other countries.


Biden and Trudeau emphasized the relationship between the United States and Canada in the video meeting. / CNN report screenshot


For Biden himself, he attaches great importance to establishing personal contacts with leaders of other countries, so online meetings with Trudeau are not his first choice.


However, under the background that the epidemic has not been contained, the border between the United States and Canada is still closed, and the White House has to change its route. This is the first time the White House has used video connections to hold a "bilateral meeting" of leaders.


There was also an "episode" during this meeting. According to the website of the US White House, Biden made a slip of the tongue in the opening remarks of the meeting and referred to "US-Canada relations" as "US-China relations." Biden said in the video conference, "Thank you again, Mr. Prime Minister, for his lasting commitment to US-China relations-US-Canada relations. We will talk about China and I look forward to a fruitful discussion."


In addition to the participation of US President Biden and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau, US Vice President Kamala Harris and Secretary of State Anthony Brinken also attended the video conference. Canadian participants also included Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Freeland, Foreign Minister Mark Garno and others. Biden, Harris and other U.S. officials all wore masks and sat around a long table in the White House conference room, with Trudeau’s footage on the large screen next to it.



On February 23, local time, Biden and Trudeau held their first bilateral meeting. / Screenshot of ABC website




Aspect 2. Trudeau was very excited to "see" Biden


According to the "Washington Post" report, Trump has repeatedly damaged the alliance between the United States and Canada during his administration.


In June 2018, after the summit of the "Group of Seven" (G7) leaders, Trump once tweeted against Trudeau for being "very dishonest and weak." After the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, Trump also ordered 3M to ban the export of N95 masks to Canada. Various behaviors cast a shadow on the relationship between the United States and Canada.


The meeting between Biden and Trudeau: The new administration brings new frictions. / "Washington Post" report screenshot


However, according to the "New York Times" report, Trudeau began to "sigh of relief" as Biden officially took office as President of the United States. On February 23, local time, Trudeau said in a meeting with Biden, "It's a pleasure to meet you."


Trudeau emphasized that he welcomes the decision of the United States to return to the world stage and is "excited" that Canada can once again cooperate with the United States on climate change issues. Because in the past period of time, American leaders have "seriously disappeared."


Analysts pointed out that even though the meeting was via video connection, the warm atmosphere between Biden and Trudeau could still be felt because the meeting symbolically restarted the alliance between the United States and Canada. , Or will ease the tension caused by Trump.


Biden and Trudeau restored the relationship between the United States and Canada that was influenced by Trump. / "New York Times" report screenshot


During the meeting, Biden said, "In 2016, when I visited Ottawa as the Vice President of the United States, you gave me a warm reception, and I very much hope to repay you. The sooner we control the epidemic, the better, so that I can See you in person in the near future."


Biden also emphasized in his speech, "It is obvious that the United States has no closer friends than Canada. Our communication channels are open. When the United States and Canada work together, we will both receive the best service."




Aspect 3. The crux of the United States and Canada remains


According to ABC reports, in this meeting, Biden and Trudeau first talked about the new crown epidemic and exchanged views on it. Biden said, "For the United States and Canada, how to contain the new crown epidemic is a top priority. After the United States and the World Health Organization reconnect, the United States and Canada will work to strengthen the role of the WHO to jointly prevent future outbreaks of disease."


Trudeau responded that he and Biden share the same values ​​and that the United States and Canada should help each other. "At present, millions of families rely on the partnership between Canada and the United States. This is the work we must accomplish together."

On February 23, local time, Trudeau had a video conference with Biden in Ottawa, Canada. / Screenshot of ABC website

After Biden's meeting with Trudeau, the White House website published a "Road Map for Rebuilding the US-Canada Partnership." Trudeau emphasized that this "road map" is based on the values ​​and priorities of the two countries and will guide the cooperation between the two countries in the next few years.


However, this "Roadmap for Rebuilding the US-Canada Partnership" basically avoids all possible conflicting issues, and focuses more on the issues of common concern between the United States and Canada. The oil pipelines that Canada is concerned about and the demand for new crown vaccines are not involved. .

"Road Map for Rebuilding US-Canada Partnership." / Screenshot of the White House website

According to the Washington Post, Trudeau was the first leader of another country to congratulate Biden after the 2020 US presidential election. After Biden formally assumed the presidency of the United States, the first "diplomatic call" was made to Trudeau, and the subject of the first bilateral meeting was Trudeau. Nevertheless, the sticking point between the United States and Canada remains.


Biden signed a series of executive orders on the first day of officially taking office as President of the United States, one of which was to revoke the license for the $9 billion Keystone pipeline project. According to the plan, the Keystone pipeline will transport oil from Alberta, Canada, to the United States, approximately 800,000 barrels per day. However, because the plan does not meet the environmental issues of the Biden administration, Biden is taking office as the first The permission was revoked in one day.

Although the Canadian side is urgently concerned about this issue, senior US officials believe that the matter has been resolved and the federal government will no longer consider changing its decision.

Trudeau "sighed a sigh of relief" when meeting with Biden, but there were still problems. / "Washington Post" report screenshot


At the same time, Canada also hopes that the United States can provide it with more new crown vaccines. According to CNN, Biden has not canceled the executive order banning vaccine exports signed by the Trump administration, which means that Canada will rely on Pfizer vaccines produced in Europe instead of its neighbors’ allies.


Regarding this issue, White House Press Secretary Psaki once said in a press conference, “President Biden’s focus is to ensure that every American can be vaccinated as soon as possible, but he hopes to discuss ways to jointly fight the new crown epidemic. ."

Australia and Facebook each step back and "re-add friends"

Around a legislative bill paid news, the Australian government and the US social media giant Facebook, the company agreed: Australian Government made certain changes to the bill, Facebook will be re-allowed in the Australian media and the public Platform to browse and share news.

Australian Treasurer Josh Freidenberg told reporters on the 23rd: "Facebook has re-added Australia as a friend, and Australian news will resume (display) on the Facebook platform."

Source: Visual China
Source: Visual China

The bill that triggered the dispute between the two parties is called "Guidelines for Compulsory Bargaining of News Media and Digital Platforms". Pay for news content and conduct individual or collective bargaining for this. The bill was passed in the House of Representatives of the Australian Federal Parliament on the 17th. If it is subsequently passed in the Senate, it will become law.


This motion is currently mainly aimed at Facebook and Google. The two companies have previously expressed their dissatisfaction and threatened to take measures to restrict the permissions of Australian users. However, Google has recently reached an agreement with a number of Australian news media companies, agreeing to pay for the use of the latter's news content. Facebook announced on the 17th that Australian media and people are prohibited from browsing and sharing news from Australian media and international media on this platform, and then negotiated with Australia. The Australian government originally said it "will not compromise", but on the 23rd it said it would submit 4 amendments to the Federal Parliament.

The amendments include changes to the mandatory arbitration mechanism. The original bill stipulates that when news media companies and digital platforms cannot reach an agreement on fair payment for news content, the Australian government will initiate a mandatory arbitration mechanism. According to the amendment, the government-appointed arbitrator will add an additional two months of mediation before the formal intervention, during which the parties can reach an agreement.


Regarding the content of the Australian amendment, Facebook's vice president of global news cooperation, Campbell Brown, welcomed it in a statement. She emphasized that Facebook will continue to invest in the global news media industry, but at the same time will continue to oppose media groups to promote government regulatory measures.


Many media quoted some analysts to report that although the Australian government and Facebook have made concessions, there is still uncertainty about how the bill will be implemented after it is passed. Professor Tamar Liver of Curtin University in Australia told Reuters that the bill "is like a gun... but it has never been used or tried."


In addition to Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and other countries are also considering legislation requiring technology giants to pay for news content.

A new storm is coming? U.S. Police Forced Violent Law Enforcement Sentenced on Black Death Case

A new "storm" may sweep across the United States. According to a report from The New York Times on February 23, local time, the verdict of the case of Daniel Prude, an African American man who was kneeled to death by police on the street in March last year, came out: the grand jury It was voted not to prosecute any police involved in Prud’s death. According to reports, Rochester is ready to deal with the possibility of protests caused by this ruling, and concrete roadblocks have begun to be set up around the city’s public safety buildings.


"Although I know that the Prud family, the Rochester community, and all parts of the country will naturally feel sad and disappointed, we must respect this decision." New York State Attorney General Leticia James said in a press conference. "Criminal Justice The system has shown its unwillingness to hold law enforcement officers responsible for the unreasonable killing of unarmed African Americans." James said that not only the federal police system, but the entire criminal justice system must be reformed. "With deaths that could have been avoided, the loss of life in these cases is tragic. Unfortunately, in the case of Daniel Prud, history repeats itself."


She also bluntly admitted that she was "extremely disappointed" that the seven police officers involved would not be charged. I also hoped that there would be different results.



On March 23 last year, on a snowy night, 41-year-old Daniel Prud rushed out of his brother's home in Rochester, New York, apparently due to a mental illness. His brother chose to call the police for help. Instead, the police handcuffed Prud, put on a hood, and then overwhelmed him on the sidewalk until he lost consciousness. According to the New York Times, Prud’s death ignited the nation’s anger against racism and police violence, and protests broke out across the country.


CNN reported more details. According to the report, the incident happened a few months later, and the police released the law enforcement video at that time. At that time, the police put handcuffs on the naked Prud and put on a headgear after he claimed to have contracted the new crown virus and spit on the ground. The video showed that several policemen slammed Prud's head to the ground and then knelt down on him. Prud was brain dead when he was taken to the hospital by ambulance. He passed away a week later.

According to the autopsy report, the forensic doctor ruled that Prud’s death was a homicide. The report pointed out that excitatory confusion and acute pentachlorophenol poisoning were the causes of death. In September of the same year, the city released a 325-page internal email and police report. According to CNN, these documents show that police and city officials "worked together" in order to postpone the release of footage of the body camera showing the police's guilt. According to CNN, protests broke out in Rochester after the body camera video was released.



On September 8, 2020 local time, Rochester Police Department Chief LaRon Singletary (LaRon Singletary) resigned. In a statement, he stated that his actions after Prud’s death were “mischaracterized and politicized” rather than based on facts and positions. With the exception of Sheriff Singlet, the management including Deputy Sheriff Morabito all announced their resignation. Prudd’s sister filed a lawsuit in the Federal Court in September, accusing the former police chief, 13 policemen and the city government of covering up the death.



Two months after Prud's death, George Floyd, a black American, was crushed to death by a white policeman on his knees, once again igniting American anger. A "deep-rooted" scar in American society has been uncovered again before it scabs.

Taiwan’s political forces’ proposal calls for changing the so-called "National Emblem" Taiwan Affairs Office: Clumsy

Overseas Network, February 24. On the morning of February 24, the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council held a regular press conference. Ma Xiaoguang, a spokesperson for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, answered questions from reporters on hot issues related to Taiwan.

Taiwan’s political forces’ proposal calls for changing the so-called

A reporter asked a question. The "Force of the Times" recently asked Taiwan's internal affairs department to evaluate the proposal to change the so-called "National Emblem". It was approved with the support of all the representatives of the Democratic Progressive Party.

Ma Xiaoguang replied that recently, the "power of the times" and the relevant political forces on the island have colluded with each other and used provocative actions frequently and staged farce. In order to gain political gains and disregard the welfare of the people, they do not hesitate to intensify the tearing and confrontation of Taiwan's society. Public opinion on the island has criticized this. We believe that all walks of life and the general public in Taiwan will see through this clumsy performance.

According to foreign media reports, India was originally the most likely to become the Asian regional center of TikTok, but as the Indian government closed the door to TikTok, TikTok is likely to set the Asian regional center in Singapore.

 Even if India loses billions of dollars, it must follow Trump's sanctions on TikTok.

According to analyst firm GlobalData, TikTok is laying off employees in India and increasing its recruitment efforts in Singapore. GlobalData business fundamentals analyst Ajay Thalluri said: “Bytedance plans to use Singapore as the center of other regions in the Asia-Pacific region. After the United States continues to attack TikTok with potential national security risks, TikTok is seeking to find out in the trade tension between China and the US A neutral position."

India loses billions of dollars, it must follow Trump's sanctions on TikTok.

This is bad news for India. Before Indian Prime Minister Modi banned TikTok in June last year, TikTok had more than 200 million users and more than 200,000 well-known users in India. In addition, Byte Dance also plans to invest US$1 billion in India and recruit a large number of Indian employees. US media said TikTok even considered moving its headquarters out of China and possibly to India in order to gain credibility in its largest overseas market. However, the Indian authorities showed no mercy. In January of this year, the Indian media stated that the ban on TikTok was permanent. TikTok then began to reduce its Indian team and re-look for other countries to cooperate. Hundreds of TikTok employees in India are now unemployed, and their lives have been greatly affected as the global economy is hit by the epidemic.

In addition to Singapore, ByteDance is also expanding its business in other regions such as the Middle East and Africa (MEA) and Central and South America (SCA). The company continues to recruit in China and the United States, and plans to hire 10,000 employees in the next three years. Analysts said that the current situation of TikTok in the United States is improving. During the reign of former President Trump, TikTok's parent company ByteDance considered selling its US business to Oracle and Walmart, but it now decides Don't do this anymore. Zhang Yiming, the founder of Bytedance, now opposes the sale of TikTok and tells Bytedance employees around the world to wait for the geopolitical storm to pass. Today, TikTok will work with the new government led by U.S. President Biden to revive its U.S. business.

Analysts said that despite the new crown pneumonia outbreak, sanctions from the Indian government and threats from the US government, Bytedance managed to gain a foothold last year. As of 2020, the company's total revenue has more than doubled, reaching $35 billion. During this period, operating profit soared to US$7 billion, far higher than the US$4 billion in 2019.

The United States is stepping up its actions against Iran


Washington accepted European Union invitation to meeting with Iran, decided to ease travel restrictions on Iranian diplomats and quashed UN assertion of reimposition of sanctions against Iran


The United States is stepping up its actions against Iran

The United States proceeded, Thursday, to three gestures with regard to Iran, against a background of will to relaunch the nuclear agreement of 2015 and after a warning with the Europeans in Tehran against a decision "dangerous" limit international inspections.


After a virtual meeting of the heads of French, British, German and American diplomacy, Washington announced that it had accepted an invitation from the European Union to talks in the presence of Tehran and the P5 + 1 (a group bringing together the United States, Germany, China , France, United Kingdom and Russia) "to discuss the best way forward regarding Iran's nuclear program," said State Department spokesman Ned Price.



A little earlier, the four Western powers had affirmed in a joint statement their objective of "seeing Iran return to full respect for its commitments" provided for by the 2015 agreement, in order to "preserve the nuclear non-proliferation regime. and ensure that Iran can never acquire a nuclear weapon ”. The press release is signed by Frenchman Jean-Yves Le Drian, German Heiko Maas, Briton Dominic Raab and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken.


Sanctions lifted

Joe Biden's administration in the process rescinded a unilateral proclamation made in September by Donald Trump's administration on a return to international sanctions against Iran. In a letter to the UN Security Council, obtained by Agence France Presse (AFP), the acting American ambassador to the United Nations, Richard Mills, indicates that the international sanctions "lifted by resolution 2231" of the UN in 2015 and confirming the nuclear agreement concluded the same year with Tehran “remain lifted”.


The September announcement by the Trump administration, which decided in 2018 to withdraw the United States from the agreement, was deemed null and void by a large majority of other members of the Security Council.


"Remove unnecessary obstacles to multilateral diplomacy"

The State Department finally announced Thursday the easing of restrictions on the travel of Iranian diplomats to the UN in New York. These restrictions had been considerably increased by the Trump administration. They required these diplomats and the head of Iranian diplomacy to be confined to a few streets around the UN headquarters with a very specific route to and from Kennedy airport.


The easing of the restrictions will allow them to return to a previous situation allowing them to move freely in New York and its surrounding areas. This rule, which also applies to the diplomatic missions of Cuba and North Korea, remains in force, said a State Department official.


"The idea is to take measures to remove unnecessary obstacles to multilateral diplomacy by amending restrictions on domestic travel which have been extremely restrictive," said the official.


Attempt of appeasement

The US-European meeting and Washington's triple move came as the Iranian government plans to restrict IAEA inspectors' access to non-nuclear facilities from Sunday, including military sites suspected of having nuclear activity.


Tehran has threatened to break free from new commitments made under the 2015 agreement unless the United States lifts its unilateral sanctions imposed since 2018 that are strangling the Iranian economy. France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States called on Tehran to assess "the consequences of such a serious measure, in particular in this moment of opportunity for a return to diplomacy".


Antony Blinken "recalled that, as President Biden had declared, if Iran returned to strict respect for its commitments (...), the United States would do the same and that they were ready to start discussions. with Iran in order to achieve this, ”their statement clarified.


Since Joe Biden came to power, the United States and Iran have passed the buck on the question of who should take the first step towards each other to revive the JCPoA agreement. Washington is asking Tehran to come back fully to the agreement while Iran has demanded that the United States first lift its sanctions. Since 2018, Tehran has gradually freed itself from the number of limits it had agreed to impose on its nuclear program.


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